There’s genius in your team.  Let’s remove the barriers, so you can see your ministry move forward in the way you desire.

I work with ministry teams, and equip them to succeed.  As a member of a team myself, I speak candidly on real issues that teams face – the kind of stuff that’s hard to talk about, but needs to be tackled.  I train staff members and volunteers on the fundamentals of healthy church culture.  And I build relationships with staff members, for ongoing encouragement and support as the team moves forward.

You deserve a healthy, barrier free team environment.  I can help your team get there.

Speaking - I most commonly speak to church teams, either at volunteer rallies, leadership events or weekend services.

Training – My favorite environment is training church staff teams, the heart and soul of the church.  I do seminars with teams ranging in topics from church culture to team dynamics.  Topics I commonly teach:

-Every Church Has a Culture (By Design or Dafault) – The core of Champions Centre, out of the heart of Kevin Gerald.

-Honor and Authority – Understanding the importance of authority, and cultivating a culture of honor in your church.

-Communication – If you can’t communicate, you can’t lead.

-Collaboration – Your team functioning like a superstore rather than a strip mall.

-Where You Are, Where You’re Going – Recognizing non-negotiable realities, and how to move forward.

Coaching – My greatest passion is to work with support pastors/leaders (associate pastors, youth pastors, campus pastors, worship leaders, etc.) through the Second Chair Coaching Network.

Consulting - I work one on one with Senior Pastors, Pastoral teams and other departmental leaders, to architect a ministry strategy that removes barriers and creates a runway for new growth.  Areas where I have experience:

-Creating Alignment – The power of every department aligned around the same goals, for greater results.
-Small Groups Campaigns – How to execute a small groups campaign for your entire church.
-Assimilation – Removing barriers to grow your church, from the front door to membership.
-Giving Campaigns – Creating a culture of planned giving, and helping people remove financial barriers so giving can increase.
-Worship Services – Creating an irresistible, attractive environment where people meet Christ, and are equipped to be champions.
-Creative Teams – Developing this vital area of church life, and leading creative people.

Contact me if I can serve your team in any capacity.

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