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Timing Is Everything

I heard it said recently…
“If the enemy can’t stop you from doing something great, he’ll try to get you to speed up the timing.” A prematurely executed idea lacks its potency, and falls far short of its potential.

So, why do we try to rush the process? Are we afraid it won’t happen otherwise?  Or is it maybe because we don’t trust God enough with His timing?

I’ve learned that God is often wanting to write a bigger, longer story in our lives than we usually have vision for (or maybe the patience for?).  His purpose is far above ours, and our ability to surrender our will to His makes all the difference.

Check out this recent blog from Seth Godin, one of my favorite bloggers, titledIt’s A Long Story.” In his own way, he expresses what I believe to be a strong, spiritual truth:

Actually, the long stories are the good ones. About how you found that great job, or discovered this amazing partner or managed to get that innovation approved.

If long stories are so great, how come we spend all our lives working for the short ones? The very act of seeking out the shortcut and the quick win might very well be the reason you don’t have enough successful long stories to share.”

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