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Effective Easter Follow-Up

I love the week that we’re in…the build-up to Easter.  I love seeing the greater Church all around the country and the world pulling out the stops and preparing for a big weekend in God’s House.

However, let me say this: Record attendance on Sunday equals very minimal impact if follow-up is absent on Monday.  

Here’s the point.  Hopefully you and church will make a great, first impression on the guests visiting your church.  If you are bringing someone to church personally, I hope that you see God do something in their lives.  But just like with any experience we have in life, we walk away and begin to rationalize that event.  Without effective follow-up (from individuals and the church), our efforts on Sunday are muted.

1.  Individuals – If you bring someone with you to church, effective follow-up is a must.  In fact, it’s really your job to follow-up, not the church’s.  Don’t think “Well, they’ll get a visitor call from the church…hopefully they want to come back.”  Take your guest out to lunch, or talk to them on Monday about their experience.  Look for the open door to invite them back.  Bottom line: stay in their world.

2.  Church teams – The “Wow” of Sunday will begin to fade immediately after they walk off campus.  But, immediate follow-up shows a guest that it mattered to you that they came.

-Send an immediate e-mail saying thank you for the visit.

-Follow-up with a letter, or even better – a hand written note!

-Invite them to the following weekend.

-Invite them to a new believer’s group starting

Take this opportunity to make a real impact.  

This is one of those weeks where the church really shines.  So, let’s maximize our moment and believe for significant life transformation this weekend!  We’re praying for you and your church!

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