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Culture Leaks

You’ve heard it said that “vision leaks.”  And how true this is.  Vision is like a bucket with holes.  As a leader, you must constantly fill and refill the bucket of vision, in your own mind and in the minds of the people who follow you, because we all naturally lose sight of where we’re going.

The same is true with culture.  

Culture is important.  In fact, it’s vital.  While vision is the church you want to have, culture is the church to DO have.  And if culture and vision are not in alignment, culture will win every time.

Culture is behavior.  It is personality.  It is the way an organization (and it’s people) think, behave and treat each other.  And, if not constantly refined and redirected, culture will naturally recede to a place of  comfortability and match it’s surroundings.

I’ve noticed three myths that come with creating culture.  These myths keep leaders from boldly creating the kind of church culture they desire to see. And if you’ve ever been guilty of thinking these things, I cannot encourage you enough to think differently about your team.

Myth#1 – “I can’t ask too much of people”

This myth knows the language of fear fluently.  “I don’t want to ask too much of people, because I don’t want to inconvenience them…or burn them out.”  Leaders who believe this myth always shy away from calling people to high place of expectation and service.  And therefore, leaders end up doing too much and team members too little.

I believe there is a great dichotomy happening here – Leaders don’t want to ask too much, and team members wished they could contribute more.  I believe our churches are full of people that are incredibly grateful for what Christ has done for them, and wish they could contribute more toward the work of the church.  All the while, few people on the team are doing too much for fear of asking too much of people.

There will occasionally be voices in church life that throw around the “burnout” word.  Never let that into your spirit.  For every one person who uses it, I believe there are ten who would do more.  Find them – and see them excel in their purpose.


More to come tomorrow…


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