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An Update on My Life

2012 is here. We’re into a new year, and as it stands, my family and I are diving head first into a new season. I couldn’t be more excited about this year, and what the future holds.

I thought you might be interested to know a bit of an update on the direction my life is taking this year.

I am launching a new ministry aimed at developing  and coaching church teams. Through this vehicle, I will consult with pastors, and train church staff and volunteers.  Everything will be done out of my experience of being on the team at Champions Centre. I’ll be serving teams in areas of strategy, team development and church culture. One of my great passions is to be a coach to church staff – I love building relationships with leaders who are doing the daily work of ministry. You are heroes. We all experience challenges, and I love helping people walk through them.

Why am I doing this? Because I love the local church. I believe the local church is God’s plan to reach our cities. It is the vehicle through which he is establishing his purpose. And I believe there is genius potential in your team.

But too many times, teams experience ceilings and barriers to growth. I’ve been in ministry for 10 short years, but have served under the leadership of my pastor (Kevin Gerald), who I consider to be one of the wisest pastors on the planet. He has worked with our own team to break through ceilings of growth. Now, I want to help other teams do the same, as an extension of our house.

An important note to add:  All of my efforts in this are completely submitted to my senior pastor.  My home church is my priority, and he calls the shots in my ministry life.  My goal is to be an extension of my pastor and Champions Centre, and serve others in the process.

More is yet to come in 2012!  I am here to serve, and cannot wait to see what God is going to do in our churches this year.

Thank you for being part of the THRIVE community. I’d love to hear about your own new seasons in 2012, and how I can support you and pray for you.


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